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Who are we ? 

Infinity Beach Club in Koh Phangan is a welcoming spot where you can enjoy a variety of experiences. It features a large swimming pool that offers a refreshing break with its clear, cool waters, complementing the warm sea just beyond. The beachfront location provides guests with front-row seats to stunning sunsets, with the added picturesque view of Koh Samui across the water.

For dining, the club's restaurant boasts a diverse menu that includes international cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh sushi and a selection of seafood dishes, catering to a range of tastes. The cocktail bar is well-equipped to serve up a variety of drinks, from classic favorites to tropical specialties, ideal for sipping as you relax to the soundtrack provided by our DJs. With a mix of great food, inviting drinks, and the soothing or energizing tunes depending on the time of day, Infinity Beach Club is all about enhancing your beach experience with comfort and style.

Bring a unique experience of freshness and relax to your day ! 
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