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2018 menu
2018 menu-
sushi menu 2018
sushi menu 2018
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Western food

Feeling a little peckish ? Come and eat at Infinity !

At Infinity Beach Club, we focus on creating simple, good food every day. We use fresh and natural ingredients to prepare a variety of dishes. Whether you're in the mood for Thai, Western, or sushi, we have many options to choose from. Our aim is to offer tasty food that brings people together, with flavors suited for any occasion.

Our sushi is prepared daily with fresh, quality ingredients. We keep our prices reasonable, and you can enjoy your meal with a view of the sea and beautiful sunsets. It's a relaxed place right by Ban Tai beach where you can enjoy good food and a nice atmosphere.


We serve fresh seafood every day, choosing the best fish and shellfish to make dishes that remind you of the ocean. It's a great choice for seafood lovers looking for a meal with a view.


Thai Dishes
Our menu includes traditional Thai dishes, offering a taste of local flavors. We aim to bring a bit of Thai culture to your plate with every dish.


International Cuisine
For those interested in trying different foods, we offer a variety of international dishes. We prepare these meals carefully, aiming to provide authentic tastes from around the world.

At Infinity Beach Club, we're about straightforward, enjoyable meals in a friendly setting by the beach. We believe in making food that's not only good to eat but also brings people together in a welcoming environment.

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